Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Traineeship Committee is composed of the following faculty members of the Department:

  1. Kabouridis George, Professor, as Chairman
  2. Tsinopoulos Stefanos, Associate Professor, as Member
  3. Mavridis Konstantinos, Professor, as Member

Forms required on Practical Training (in Greek):

  • Traineeship Initiation Forms
    • EPA01 – Student Application for Traineeship Initiation
    • EPA01b – Student Application for Traineeship Reinitiation
    • EPA02 – Certificate of Traineeship Acceptance from Employment Agency
    • EPA06a – Employment Contract from Public Sector – with Annex
    • EPA06b – Employment Contract from Private Sector – OAED
    • EPA06c – Contract for Reinitiation of Amended Employment – Private – OAED
    • Traineeship Book
  • Forms for Teleworking
    • Student Application for Traineeship Initiation with telework
    • Certificate of Traineeship Initiation with telework from Employment Agency
  • Traineeship Conclusion Forms
    • EPA07 – Certificate of Traineeship Implementation from Supervisor
    • EPA08 – Certificate of Traineeship Implementation from Employment Agency
    • EPA09 – Student Assessment by Business Supervisor
    • EPA10 – Business Evaluation by Student
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